Wellness Wednesday


Wellbeing and Wellness is about looking after your mind and your body, not favouring one and forgetting about the other. There needs to be a balance.

“I’m into Wellbeing, not because of Social Pressure to look a Certain Way, but because I’m interested in Living a Long, Full and Healthy Life

-Kelly Brook

Wellbeing Poster

We have a lot of things that are happens on campus for you to take part in on a Wednesday:

Academic Writing Support at UoL Library, 9am – 10am

Maths and Statistics Help at UoL Library 1pm – 4pm

Poetry for Pleasure (Last Wednesday of Every Month) at UoL Library, 1pm – 4pm

Wellbing Wednesday across campus, all day

Mental Health and Gardening at Witham House, 10am – 5pm

Staff Yoga at UoL Sports Centre, 12:30pm – 1:15pm

Student Wellbeing Drop In Sessions, 12pm – 2pm

Don’t forget that our University of Lincoln Sports Teams will be playing in the BUCS league on a Wednesday:


Click here for UoL BUCS Fixtures

Come down to the Sport Centre & support your uni!