Throwdown Thursday

Being healthy isn’t just about making sure you have done enough exercise for the day. It also about eating clean, nutritious and a balanced range of food.

“It takes 21 days. 21 days of healthy eating and working out and it will become a habit” – Unknown


Here at the University of Lincoln, we like to make sure there is a lot to offer so keep an eye out for these activities on campus:

Staff Chair Yoga and Meditation, 12pm-1pm

Student Wellbeing drop in sessions, 12pm-2pm

Academic Writing Support at UoL Library, 2pm-4pm

Maths and Statistics Help at UoL Library, 10am-1pm

Mental Health and Gardending at Witham House, 10am-5pm

Choir at MC0024, 6pm-7pm.


If you struggle getting a healthy meal prepared before your day at University starts, there are plenty of café’s on campus for you to use:


  • Main Building (MB)
  • The Swan
  • Art, Architecture and Design (AAD)
  • Isaac Newton Building (INB)
  • Lincoln Performing Arts Centre (LPAC)
  • Student’s Union / Tower Bar
  • David Chiddick Building (DCB)
  • Think Tank (THT)

A healthy option for both a main meal and a snack are always a good suggestion. Below are some more links to healthy meal ideas:

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