Personal Training and Programming

The University of Lincoln Sports Centre offer a variety of services to assist you in achieving your goals.

Personal Programme

Q. What is a Personal Programme (PP)?

‘A personal programme is an 8-week fitness plan that details the physical exercises an individual should perform in order to reach their fitness goals, the amount of time that they should spend on each exercise and the progression throughout the programme period. Each programme is tailored specifically to the individuals’ goals, needs and experience.’

Becoming a member at the University of Lincoln Sports Centre will entitle you to one complementary 8-week Personal Programme. This is a programme designed specifically for you and your personal fitness goals.

The personal programme is free when a minimum of a 1-month peak peak or off-peak membership is purchased. 

Personal Programming provides structure and efficiency to training. If you think you could benefit from this service, contact for further information.

Additional Personal Programmes are £12.00 and can be purchased through the till by visiting our Sports Centre reception.


To view our Personal Programme Policy, click here.

Personal Training

Q. What is Personal Training (PT)?

‘Personal training provides the client with structured, tailored and motivating 1 to 1 guidance to help them achieve their specific fitness goals. Qualified personal trainers will guide clients through each session from start to finish providing expert advice, information and support to the customer. Personal training is a great way to bring variety, progression and increased intensity to your training.’

The Personal Training service offers one to one training sessions with one of our fully qualified Fitness Instructors. Our Personal Training is affordable and available to students and staff across the University.

Personal Training can push you to, and past your limits. With a variety of training styles and methods, this service can kick start your fitness journey or provide change and intensity to your current workout routine.

If you need someone to hold you accountable or you’re not sure about your exercise technique then having a Personal Trainer can really benefit you.

Our Personal Trainers can also help you manage any specific medical conditions that make you uncertain about how to train or help you prepare for a sporting event.

Clients who purchase a block of 6 personal training (PT) sessions will receive one full fitness assessment consultation. The full assessment will be conducted prior to the first training session. Please note, this assessment does not count as one of the six PT sessions.

If Personal Training is something you’re interested in, contact the Sports Centre directly on 01522 886688 or email to obtain further information, or book in for your first session.


To view our Personal Training Policy, click here.