Take advantage of the new facilities and services available at the Sports Centre for 2018. For more details and queries please contact the reception and sports centre staff team.

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 Staff – Do you use the gym before 3pm during the week? Or any time at the weekend? 

If either or both those answers are yes, then this membership is for you

Fill in the forms attached and return them to the Sports Centre and Payroll.


Monday to Friday, and all day weekends.

Book after 4pm, you will be eligible for a stamp on the new loyalty cards available.10 stamps on the racket sports card entitles you too 2 free games. Football, 10 stamps allows for 1 free game.

If you are suffering from any current or have suffered from past sporting injuries make use of our massage service which is new to the Sports Centre for 2018. This also includes student discount. Please contact the reception team for more information.

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Make the most of our member’s monthly prize draw for all students and members. There are some great prizes up for grabs!!

Fill out the form displayed below

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